Mark Hoffmann

Mark Hoffmann

Mark grew up in Minnesota with a clear vision that illustration was in his future. Although his path has been varied since graduation, his interest has always revolved around paint and color. After years in the animation industry, Mark currently works primarily on children’s books and editorial illustration. Mark also loves gouache—a lot.

Mark’s clients have included Penguin/Random House, Orca Publishing, Cooking Light, Nuvo Magazine, Land of Nod, D Magazine, Yankee, Trust for Public Land, American Lawyer Magazine, T-Mobile, Baltimore Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Tu Ciudad Magazine, Texas Monthly, Reebok, and many more. You can learn more about Mark by checking out his interview here.

Jamison Odone

Jamison Odone is the author and illustrator of several books for children and young adults. Included in this list is Honey Badgers, The Bedtime Train, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Poor Joseph, Annabel Lee, The Tyger: A Requiem, Always Share Your Iceberg. He is currently working on a full length graphic novel about the final days of Vincent Van Gogh.

Publisher’s Weekly has said about his book Honey Badgers, “Odone, tapping into a powerful vein of fantasy has created the kind of book certain children will cling to, years after they abandon the rest of their picture book collections.” Odone runs the Illustration Focus in the Fine Arts Program at Frostburg State University.

He is represented by The Libby Ford Agency and can be followed on Instagram at the handle @jamisonodone

Lauren Carozza

Lauren Carozza

Lauren Carozza is a 20 something year old illustrator with a love for watercolor and gouache. Her work is often themed around creatures, environments and narratives both familiar and strange. Lauren’s illustrations are informed by an interest in flora and fauna, folklore,  urban legends and good food. She grew up in northern New Jersey before attending Montserrat College of Art and graduating with a BFA in illustration in 2016. She currently lives in the garden state with a growing stockpile of paint tubes and an elderly house cat. You can learn more about Lauren by checking out her interview here.

David Ferreira Owner and Curator

David Ferreira

As a professional illustrator, David has had many accomplishments. He has created illustrations for Purina, Hasbro, ESPN, Sam Adams Brewing Co. and EMCParadigm Publishing, to name a few. David is currently working in advertising, creating storyboards, key art and other visual strategy for his clients. When not doing this work David can be found painting, drawing and developing his own creative works for comic, childrens books and the gallery.  With his more personal work David has been investigating imagery that revolves around animals, science and the impact of man on the natural world.

For the past 15 years David has also mentored many students in the classroom. He has enjoyed teaching illustration, painting and drawing for colleges and art organizations throughout New England. He appreciates the balance teaching gives him in contrast to the solitary studio work required of an illustrator.

David also created Nectarine with his wife Heather as a way to surround themselves with the things they love; illustration, curation, design and fostering the prosperity of artists.

Greg Orfanos Bio

Greg Orfanos

I grew up on the east coast in a modest pink whale under a black railroad bridge. I fell sideways early in life and was often seen practicing Psychic Automatism. Using pencil stubs of various shapes and sizes, I would draw on just about anything I could get my hands on.

At the age of 18 I escaped and attended art school. Shortly after my graduation, I started my career as an artist and a professor of Illustration. Making pictures that tell stories became a running theme in my work. Though a narrative is always prominent it is often portrayed in a surreal and allegorical way. My paintings are often embedded with a fascination of the bizarre and bit of sarcasm.

When I’m not wandering about town, I’m creating in my Dream Box which is nestled amongst the thickets at the edge of the wood.

Andy Dobos

Andy Dobos

I have been attracted to art and figurative form from an early age.  I pursued my interest in sculpture by earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Montserrat College of Art. College afforded me the opportunity to experiment with many media including stone, wood, plaster, clay and textiles. In my early working years, I apprenticed at a pipe organ builder where I learned many valuable woodworking skills. Besides being a craftsman I have studied wildlife tracking, earning  an Advanced Completion Certificate from White Pine Programs Tracking Apprenticeship and a Level III Track and Sign certificate from Cybertracker Conservation.

Erin Fitzgerald

Erin Fitzgerald

Erin Fitzgerald is from sunny southern California, and currently resides in swampy Savannah, Georgia, where she received a BA from Savannah College of Art and Design.  When she isn’t painting or animating, she enjoys reading, hiking, bicycling, and taking care of her little succulent plant family.  Her specializations include narrative and scientific illustration, animated GIFS, poster and package design, and the occasional single-panel comic poking good-natured fun at contemporary society. You can learn more about Erin by checking out her interview here.

Peter Pasquerello

Peter Pasquerello

Peter Pasquerello is an illustrator and fine artist, forever tightrope-walking the fine line between the two. With a healthy balance of influence from old dusty antique shops, some fine coffee, plenty of audiobooks and perhaps a pinch of the macabre, Peter fine-tunes these creature comforts into art. He has done various works ranging from editorial illustration to advertorial graphic design as well as progressive fine art for the gallery circuit. Peter has twice received awards for excellence in illustration from CMYK Magazine for his progressive style.

Corinne Reid

Corinne Reid

Corinne Reid is an Illustrator and designer specializing in publishing, editorial and fine Art. Delving into the unknown, she uses unconventional imagery to cultivate emotional connections with her audience. Her paintings adopt a narrative melody with accentuating tones of the natural world. Reid’s work is award winning, globally recognized and travels more than she ever will, making its way to Australia, Europe, and across North America. Her clients include Field & Stream magazine, Penguin House, Crystal Dynamics and many others.

Abigal McCoy

Abigail McCoy

Abigail McCoy is a New England based illustrator. Her fantasy work is inspired by history and folklore. She believes that the two are not mutually exclusive and likes exploring how they can blend together in her illustrations. Her favorite medium is a blend of colored pencils and gouache. She also works as a graphic designer and antique wallpaper reproduction artist. Abigail often finds that these other occupations find their way into her images. Her illustrative artwork has been accepted and shown in several juried shows.

Owl painting representing the works of Amelia Leonards

Amelia Leonards

Amelia Royce Leonards is a graduate of Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, where she spent four years baffling her peers and professors with drawings of goddesses and antlered women. Her work is influenced by the beauty of ancient myth, folklore, and the natural world around us.  She can usually be found somewhere deep in the woods, sketching odd creatures and eating chocolate chips.

Heather Ferreira

Heather is a mom, designer, printmaker and lover of nature. She grew up in Mexico, NY, a small town north of Syracuse not far from the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario. Most of her print and fine art work is inspired by flora, fauna, antiques, children’s books, texture and mark making. She loves to incorporate patterns and color palettes found in nature and works primarily with a Sumi brush pen, micron pens, markers and watercolor. Depending on the desired style, some designs are digitally edited, but almost always start out by hand.