Ophelia In Harmony by Erin Fitzgerald

Our Story

The right piece of art can change your whole perspective. It can bring that little ray of sunshine you need on any particular day. It can spark an emotion you’ve never felt before. That feeling is something everyone should get to experience.

As individuals that have chosen to live our own lives as artists, we want to help other artists prosper and connect people with their wonderful work. We love the narrative, works that tell a story, works that respond to the natural world and are crafted with sensitivity and curiosity. We want to make including art as part of life a possibility for everyone.

We see a world that needs more art and appreciation of artists and the work that they do to bring the fantastic to life. And what is life without imagination?

A Little About Us

David Ferreira Owner and Curator

David Ferreira
Illustrator and Teacher

[email protected]

David is a painter, illustrator, art director and educator. He has created works for clients spanning the publishing, comics and advertising markets. David also exhibits his work regularly and is a professor of art for many esteemed universities. He has years of relative experience with galleries and community programs, and for a time, operated a custom art framing business.

Along with the work he does in the illustration field, David has promoted, exhibited and curated several art exhibitions for businesses and organizations. His work has garnered him a vast network of professional artists and helped him establish sustainable relationships within artists, museums and other organizations in the art community.

Heather Ferreira

Heather Ferreira
Designer and Printmaker

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Heather is an award-winning art director and designer fueled by nature, science and history. She brings 17 years of experience in both print and digital applications for small businesses, consumer packaged goods, B-to-B, as well as educational institutions like the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. Her diverse experiences have led to collaboration with clients, writers, animators, illustrators, producers, photographers, stylists and many other talented people throughout the years and she enjoys learning something new from each one.

When she is not creating a new digital experience, you can usually find her sketching a new pattern design or printing as she treadles away on her 1910 Golding Pearl letterpress.