Leviathan by Jamison Odone



Pen & Ink on Bristol
7.5″ x 10″



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Pen & Ink on Paper
7.5″ x 10″

About the Artist

Jamison Odone is the author and illustrator of several books for children and young adults. Included in this list is Honey Badgers, The Bedtime Train, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Poor Joseph, Annabel Lee, The Tyger: A Requiem, Always Share Your Iceberg. He is currently working on a full length graphic novel about the final days of Vincent Van Gogh.

Publisher’s Weekly has said about his book Honey Badgers, “Odone, tapping into a powerful vein of fantasy has created the kind of book certain children will cling to, years after they abandon the rest of their picture book collections.” Odone runs the Illustration Focus in the Fine Arts Program at Frostburg State University.

He is represented by The Libby Ford Agency and can be followed on Instagram at the handle @jamisonodone


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